About Us


Owner and Head Rebuilder, Timothy Moore, has been in the Transmission/Auto repair business for over 30 years. He started his carrier at the age of 19, working for a small independent repair shop in Skokie. In 1999 he decided to branch out and open a shop of his own.  After much deliberation and searching, he chose the Greater Round Lake Area, he felt it was a solid community with the potential for growth.  There for the decision was made, he packed up his family, bought a house, found the right location and opened Absolute Transmission, and has been here ever since. Now, the location may have changed a couple times through the years, but the town and our shop have remained the same.

Our small and friendly staff includes:

Tim - Owner/Head Rebuilder 

Kandy - Office Manager

We Get It!

No one plans for car repairs or break downs. We understand and that's why at Absolute Transmission,we do our best to give the most affordable solution for your car repair needs!   With over 30 years of experience in Transmission rebuilding and Auto repair, we are confident  when we say "We fix it right the first time"